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Cubs, A’s, Addison Russell and Billy Beane

The first big deal of the MLB Trade Deadline season went down last night – Ken Rosenthal and other reporting that the A’s acquired both Jeff Samardzija  and Jason Hammel from the Cubs in exchange for Addison Russell, Billy McKinney … Continue reading

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Hunter Pence’s Impending Contract

The SF Giants are in the death throes of an utterly abysmal follow-up to their 2012 World Championship.  With 81 losses already, they will finish below .500 unless they win out, and have long since  been eliminated from the NL … Continue reading

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Worse Trade Deadline — Giants or Mariners?

The emerging consensus on the 2013 MLB Trade Deadline seems to be that it was a dud, and I can’t say that I disagree.  Rather than breaking down the trades that happened, I find myself drawn to those teams that … Continue reading

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Which was Dumber, Dayton?

Undoubtedly, the robust stable of Royals writers have covered these topics already today, but it seems almost too good to pass up even if today is the slowest baseball day of the year.  In one day, we heard the following … Continue reading

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The Greatest Contract of All-Time?

For all of our saber-bitching about bad contracts (Barry Zito, Prince Fielder, etc), precious little time is spent on “good” contracts handed out.  Sure, the occasional one year deal to Bartolo Colon or Travis Hafner looks good when they are … Continue reading

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Should the Yankees Sell?

There seems to be a growing feeling amongst fans that the Yankees should entertaining selling.  Of course, I’ve made no secret of the fact that this team was in trouble long before the most recent run of wretched baseball.  About … Continue reading

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Chase Utley — Royals Trolling?

Last day of June and MLB teams are roughly half-way through their schedule, so the time has come for hard decisions about whether your team is competing or rebuilding (hopefully not caught in the dreaded middle ground). There has been … Continue reading

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