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Should the Yankees Sell?

There seems to be a growing feeling amongst fans that the Yankees should entertaining selling.  Of course, I’ve made no secret of the fact that this team was in trouble long before the most recent run of wretched baseball.  About … Continue reading

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Yanks or Royals — Which Stat is more amazing (depressing?)

The Yankees are in town tonight (I live in SF, so Oakland counts as “in town” when your favorite team comes to northern California once per year) and I had been looking at the Yankees team stats, for whatever reason.   … Continue reading

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Surprises after 40 Games — AL Version

With approximately 25% of the 2013 season in the books, I was looking over the team stats for both the AL and the NL.    The AL team stats can be found here (offense) and here (pitching).  In the Junior Circuit, … Continue reading

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@DaveCameronFG Weighs in on Yanks and Robinson Cano

This morning on Fangraphs, the always insightful Dave Cameron (@DaveCameronFG — a must follow if you aren’t already) has a piece on the Yankees and Robinson Cano, whom the Yankees purportedly have made a contract extension offer to.  I’ve previously … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Yanks 2013 Projections

This morning, Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS published his projections for the 2013 NY Yankees.  Of course, the debate over which projections are most useful (assuming for the moment that any are useful) is for another post, but looking across our Bronx … Continue reading

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Appreciating Alfonso Soriano

I can’t say why I was reconsidering Alfonso Soriano recently (other than the fact that he was released in our Ottoneu league – in my mind, a very surprising cut), but as I look back over his career I wonder … Continue reading

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Mark Teixeira: Aging Or Stubborn Against the Shift (or Both)?

As I spent time this afternoon blankly staring at the Yankee lineup for 2013 (which is not great) and for 2014 (which looks downright awful, and that’s assuming that they re-sign Robinson Cano against my wishes), I took some time … Continue reading

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