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A few words on Braun, MLB and PEDs

I didn’t really want to write anything on the emerging Ryan Braun story, on the likely assumption that I would have little novel to say.  However I am seeing a few things circulating (some of them amidst our @Ottoneu message … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts –Yankees/Rays Opening Day 2012

As you likely know by now, the Rays defeated the Yankees 7-6 in Tampa this afternoon.  I live blogged the game (which you can see here), but now that Game 1 of 162 is in the books, we can sit … Continue reading

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The Best SS in the American League??

Gone is the Golden Age of Shortstops.  A decade ago, Cal Ripken was exiting the scene, but an exciting crop of future stars had emerged playing the game’s most demanding position – Alex Rodriguez in Seattle, Nomar Garciaparra in Boston … Continue reading

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Just One Thought on Prince Fielder

The big news today (aside from the State of the Union or Mitt Romney’s release of tax returns) was the blockbuster signing of Prince Fielder by the Detroit Tigers for $214M over 9 years.  In terms of contract value, Fielder … Continue reading

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