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MLB Trade Deadline and the SABR Echo Chamber

It’s just past 1pm in California, which means we’re just under 24 hours until the MLB (non-waiver) trade deadline, and in an uncharacteristic post I wanted to ask a couple questions more than drill down into the detailed numbers.   A … Continue reading

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A few words on Braun, MLB and PEDs

I didn’t really want to write anything on the emerging Ryan Braun story, on the likely assumption that I would have little novel to say.  However I am seeing a few things circulating (some of them amidst our @Ottoneu message … Continue reading

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Phil Hughes: From Power to Finesse?

Phil Hughes broke into the majors as a highly touted 21 year old in 2007, making 13 respectable starts for the playoff bound Yankee.  Sadly, the road to front of the rotation ace has been rocky, and over the past … Continue reading

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Ryan Braun Thoughts — Don’t Conflate Two Issues

  By now, everyone knows that Ryan Braun became the first major league baseball player to successfully appeal a positive test under MLB’s Drug Testing Policy.  Reaction from fans and analysts alike runs the gamut from angry that a cheater … Continue reading

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