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The Greatest Contract of All-Time?

For all of our saber-bitching about bad contracts (Barry Zito, Prince Fielder, etc), precious little time is spent on “good” contracts handed out.  Sure, the occasional one year deal to Bartolo Colon or Travis Hafner looks good when they are … Continue reading

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Officially Giving Up on Mike Moustakas

For whatever reason, I’ve stayed on the Mike Moustakas bandwagon longer than most – when I watch the Royals, his approach at the plate looks calm and he’s always seemed to play a decent 3B.  Of course, those that hit … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Buster Posey Do it Again?

I was talking to a friend in our Ottoneu league about 2013 expectations for my roster, and he made a comment that I wasn’t expecting – namely, that he was expecting a significant regression from Buster Posey.    Given Posey’s age, … Continue reading

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Just One Thought on Prince Fielder

The big news today (aside from the State of the Union or Mitt Romney’s release of tax returns) was the blockbuster signing of Prince Fielder by the Detroit Tigers for $214M over 9 years.  In terms of contract value, Fielder … Continue reading

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Viva Las Vegas????

Frequent readers will know that I find little to like in terms of the Blue Jays’ decision making at the major league level.  As I discussed previously, Toronto wasted valuable time in 2010 giving at bats to players not in … Continue reading

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