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Why I’m Not Buying the Albert Pujols Resurgence

Baseball now approaches the quarter pole, and one of the early season stories has been the resurgence of Albert Pujols, following a disastrous, injury riddled 2013.   Through the Angels’ first 32 games, Pujols is hitting 302/368/957, good for a … Continue reading

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What do we expect from Brandon Crawford in 2014?

Over at McCovey Chronicles, Grant Bisbee (@mccoveychron — a must follow even for the non SF Giant fans out there) has a piece today about Brandon Crawford, trying to offer some perspective on projecting him for 2014 and beyond (partially tongue in … Continue reading

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A few words on Braun, MLB and PEDs

I didn’t really want to write anything on the emerging Ryan Braun story, on the likely assumption that I would have little novel to say.  However I am seeing a few things circulating (some of them amidst our @Ottoneu message … Continue reading

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The Greatest Contract of All-Time?

For all of our saber-bitching about bad contracts (Barry Zito, Prince Fielder, etc), precious little time is spent on “good” contracts handed out.  Sure, the occasional one year deal to Bartolo Colon or Travis Hafner looks good when they are … Continue reading

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Ottoneu League 52 — Deeper Stats

We’re only 3 weeks into the baseball season, but for those of us Ottoneu players the wheeling and dealing has been going for months.   I’ve started to keep a spreadsheet that allows me to track team performance at a slightly … Continue reading

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Phil Hughes: From Power to Finesse?

Phil Hughes broke into the majors as a highly touted 21 year old in 2007, making 13 respectable starts for the playoff bound Yankee.  Sadly, the road to front of the rotation ace has been rocky, and over the past … Continue reading

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AL East: Why do people think the Yanks are Heading to the Playoffs?

The MLB season officially began last week in Japan, with the Mariners’ extra inning victory over Oakland, but for me it opens Thursday when reigning MVP and Cy Young winner Justin Verlander takes the mound against Jon Lester and the … Continue reading

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