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Hunter Pence’s Impending Contract

The SF Giants are in the death throes of an utterly abysmal follow-up to their 2012 World Championship.  With 81 losses already, they will finish below .500 unless they win out, and have long since  been eliminated from the NL … Continue reading

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MLB Trade Deadline and the SABR Echo Chamber

It’s just past 1pm in California, which means we’re just under 24 hours until the MLB (non-waiver) trade deadline, and in an uncharacteristic post I wanted to ask a couple questions more than drill down into the detailed numbers.   A … Continue reading

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Who is Brandon Belt?

Being a sabermetrically inclined baseball fan resident in San Francisco, I am painfully aware that  Brandon Belt has been a cause célèbre for a number of years. The Baby Giraffe finally came up to stay in mid 2011 after tearing … Continue reading

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